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1) What is a Gap Year?

It is that period of time taken away from school or work. It typically lasts three months to a year. Gap Years are popular amongst all age groups. The concept of Gap Year is very famous in England where young people choose to take some time out before University.

2) How to choose the best Gap Year program?

Are you looking for a Gap year program that fit to your interest but you are not sure about which one to choose? We give you some useful tips to select the best Gap Year program option!
•Don't organize everything by yourself, rely on professional organizations: This tip seems to be pretty obvious but it could have come to your mind that maybe you could avoid some additional expenses and organize everything by yourself. Be careful though... remember that you are going to not only "travel" but live in another country, that sometimes doesn't have the typical conditions you are used to live in, a country where you don't know anyone and sometimes you don't know the local language. This is why it is very important that a professional agency, as Connecting Worlds, organize the most important aspects of your Gap travel -transportation, accommodation, activities-; that will still be an adventure, but one that you will be able to enjoy with security.
Make a list of the activities you want to enjoy:  Make a list prioritizing the types of activities you "have to" experience during your gap year travel, those activities that have been wishing all your life to have the opportunity to enjoy. Remember that this will be a once in a lifetime experience and you should have well defined goals for it.
Identify the countries you want to visit: Identify the countries that you will prioritize while selecting your dreamed GAP year adventure and organize them in an ordered list.
Make a "description sheet" of the programs starting in order with the most attractive one, adding the fields that you would consider as important criteria to select the best program: project description, project main activities, project duration, project location, project requirements (what skills or knowledge do you need to enroll?), start date, end date, price, working hours, also add important services that most of the Gap Year agencies include in their programs, like: accommodation, transportation, assistance, health care, certificate of participation. Fill these fields with the Gap programs features and check if the programs include the additional -but not less important- services.
Analyze each Gap program and select your favorite top 3: After the Gap programs classification you can identify those that accomplish your goals better and would give you the best overall experience taking into account -of course- the services included and prices. At the end select the best 3 programs options!
Contact Connecting Worlds and start your Travel!: Now you can ask us those specific details you still want to know and check if you accomplishes all the requirements. After this interaction you will have a much better idea about the program and start the application process!

3) Who are taking a Gap Year?

Recent graduates: For those who are fresh out of college and not ready to work full time, a gap year program offers a chance to gain valuable insights, introspect and return to the mainstream more motivated, with well defined goals and an action plan in the face of challenges. 
Career break: If you need to find a new direction, want to get rid of the daily grind, tread a new path and find new motivation, then the gap year is the right choice for you. It will provide you with new perspectives, skills and help you streamline your thoughts towards a new direction in your career.  
It is increasingly common for people aged between 28-50 years to opt for a gap year. They opt for mini-gap years for a period of 3-6 months, taking a break from their careers and gaining experience in a related or a completely new field.  
Many employers consider the gap year as a positive learning experience. Many great institutions from the first world countries allow their employees to opt for a gap year without salary. Several departments in the Canadian Government allow employees to take off for 12 months every five years.  

4)Why should you go to a Gap Year Travel?

A Gap Year travel is an exciting once in a lifetime experience that can be suitable for anyone! Why should you go to a Gap Year Travel?
Get in touch with foreign communities: A Gap year travel is not the typical short-therm holiday where you hang out with family or friends and only get to know the typical attractions for tourists. In a Gap year program you will have the opportunity to truly interact with the local people, learn about the reality of the community, enjoy the traditions and open your eyes to an extraordinary array of new things through multiple experiences.
Social understanding and awareness: Some of our Gap Year programs give you the opportunity to not only enjoy the new environment you will be in but also to support a good cause with volunteer work by teaching, helping to protect the nature, building new houses or schools... don't lose the opportunity to not only travel and enjoy but also to help and make a difference in the world.
Learn new languages, develop new skills: As you will be living abroad for some weeks or even months you will have the opportunity to learn or improve your local language knowledge. There are also Gap programs in Connecting Worlds that give you the opportunity to learn Spanish through specific courses ideal for people that is looking to learn while enjoying a fantastic travel experience.
Get to know yourself: During a Gap year travel you will have time to enjoy your independency, gain experience and get to know your strengths and weaknesses as a person! A Gap year is a definitely enriching experience that will make you grow as a person and become a more mature person.
Interact and develop friendship with other people that share your vision and passions: You will have the opportunity to travel with other people like you, that have chosen the same program and will probably share your same vision and objectives, plus they will share their previous experiences and you will have the opportunity to make new friends from all over the world!
Have the best fun of your life: A Gap travel is an extraordinary opportunity that will give you a lot of satisfaction through new and diverse experiences and will surely become a milestone in your life.

5) What should you bring to a Gap Year Travel?

Appropriate clothing: Forget about high heels and bring comfortable clothing to your trip. Research first what kind of weather you can expect during your travel so you have always something appropriate to wear.
Health Insurance: Check that you have a health insurance that will cover any health problem you could have during the trip.
Bring pocket money: Even if the package you have chosen include all the "typical expenses" it is always a good idea to bring a minimum amount of pocket money that you can use to buy something you haven't planned or if you have a sudden problem.
Remember your medications: If you have any health condition that needs a long time treatment you should remember to bring your medication with you. Even if you don't suffer of any condition remember to bring your vitamins and some basic medication for typical health problems: pain relievers, headache, diarrhea, etc.
Take maps and references with you: Don't forget to take with you maps of the cities and towns you will travel to and the addresses and telephone numbers of the places you are going to be staying or the organization you are going to be working with!

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